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My Spot

My Spot
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Carter Entertainment Center by MudHoney @ FaMESHed Feb 1-28

41 items total
*Carter Console & Shelves - 5 wood colors
*Carter Electronics - TV, Center Speaker, Floor Speaker, Sub, Stereo
*Books - 5 stacks
*Art - 3 frames
*Baskets - 4 colors
*Label Boxes - 2 colors
*Basket Vase
*Bent Candlesticks
*Metal Stick Decor
*Mirror Box
*Stone Pyramid
*Trophy Bowl
*Black Bowl

The TV is non functional, but the screen is on it's own material, so you can add a media link to it if you'd like.

Greta Set by MudHoney @ Blush Jan 28 - Feb 18

Greta Sofa (adult and pg versions)
- Single colors have texture change pillows (11 textures each for back and front pillows)
- fatpacks are fully texture change (7 colors)
- when not sitting: touch to get texture change menu
- sitting: choose [adjust] in menu to get texture menu
- 14 single sits, 18 pg couples, 35 adult couples (in adult sofa only)
- 4 land impact

- 3 texture change options
- 1 land impact

Knot Sculpture
- 3 texture change options
- 1 land impact

- 3 texture change options
- 1 land impact

- 1 land impact

- 1 land impact

Dashing Dalmatians 17 Sandwich Thief by Jian
Dashing Dalmatians 18. Triple Nap by Jian
[s]f chocolate tray
Living Loft House RARE by [Since1975]
Date: 2018-02-04 12:36:50

furniture dogs dalmatians sofa

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great ✿◠‿◠)📷
Linn@Linn 2018-02-04 17:50:46
you did a Wonderful picture!

Thank you for sharing it in Second Life Seasons! Feel free to join the group and share all the images you like :) kiss

Jewel Doune 2018-02-04 23:42:48
✿Thank you for sharing your awesome pictures! ✿

Mad About Second Life Design
AmberWild 2018-02-05 00:28:41
[] Thx so much
Decorizing 2018-02-05 04:52:14
[] awww thx
Decorizing 2018-02-05 04:52:24


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